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Why RIGit?

Ever notice how gender gets assigned to inanimate objects?  Sunglasses can’t just be sunglasses – they have to be men’s or women’s.  The same is true with jewelry, clothing and even color.  If you think about it, a sweater is just a sweater – once you put it on your body it then becomes a vehicle for self-expression.

It was our passion to create RIGit for anyone who sees a pair of jeans as simply a pair of jeans, who wants to dress their style and individuality, not an artificial expression of someone else.

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Be you!


Wanna know how we’re alike?
We both have dogs that are embarrassingly spoiled. 
We both live in Brooklyn and we think it’s one of the greatest places on earth.
We both secretly like romantic comedies (but if we meet you on the street we will totally deny it!)
We both drink way too much coffee.
We both wear way too much black.
Wanna know how we are different?
April is a beer drinker, Amy sticks with wine.
April is a millennial, Amy is a Gen Xer
April identifies as gender fluid, Amy identifies as female.
April is a night person, Amy prefers mornings.
April loves Soul Cycle, Amy is all about yoga.


A College Student's Feminist Epiphany

For me, my so-called gender epiphany happened about two years ago sitting in the middle of a classroom. Yes, I had he...

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